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Review Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality  - Lisa Renee Jones

The first book in a planned two book series, Escaping Reality is also Ms. Jones' debut in the trendy New Adult genre. And when she does something, she goes all in - as is clearly the case with this book. I devoured it from start to finish. It hooked me with the mysterious premise, and kept me reading with the tumultuous relationship between Amy and Liam. Liam, who fits right into the reclusive-billionaire-alpha-hotter-than-anyone-has-a-right-to-be role that seems to be a prerequisite if you're the lead in a New Adult Romance, is absolutely swoon-worthy, but unlike the often doormat-ish females of the genre, Amy stands her ground and goes toe-to-toe with Liam well. I am a sucker for romantic angst, and Escaping Reality has it in spades. And if the ending is any indication, book two (which thankfully we only have to wait a couple months for) is going to start with even more of it. Escaping Reality definitely raises more questions than it answers, which is a bit on the frustrating side, but the short wait between books, and the rumored possibility of a prequel novella is promising and quells more than a little of that frustration. I certainly will be first in line waiting for book two to see how this all ends. A wonderful New Adult debut that fans of the genre (or any romance for that matter) will adore. 4.5/5 stars.